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Mirage Productions, since 1974

Mirage Productions was established in 1974 in Seattle, Washington.

For more than fifteen (15) years, Mirage serviced the video corporate needs of entertainment companies like the West Coast Casinos, Planet Hollywood, Gameworks, sports groups like the Seattle Seahawks, Safeco Field, establishments like the Seattle Art Center, the College Club, Space Needle, Seattle Center and many others.


Mirage Corporate Services

In 1984, Mirage Productions merged with the Carmac Photography. It paved the way for the coverage of both the audio and video commercial needs of business establishments in the metropolitan areas of Washington, and branched out to other cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and key cities in the East Coast like New York, Boston and Washington DC. By the early 1990's, Mirage went international producing commercials and training videos for Mexicana Airlines, several Latin American resorts, Southeast Asia and the United Nations

.Today, Mirage Productions continues to produce exciting and creative television commercial, along with infomercials and media for companies large and small.  One production can be directed to television, the web, and now even movie theaters encompassing an even wider market, with reduced production costs

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