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Tonio was developing normally until he got his MMR vaccine at 22 months. Thereafter, he started getting sick, waking up at night, staring at space, laughing for no apparent reason and wandering off aimlessly. He lost his acquired social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills. On his second birthday he lost his words and drifted into his own world. On the first of April, Tonio was diagnosed with autism.  Finding Tonio documents the painful and emotional struggle of trying to bring him back.  Losing a child to Autism is in reality like losing a child. The film tries to show alternatives in possible preventions, cures, and at the same time bring about an awareness of what families of autistic children go through emotionally and financially. 




Original music by

Yoshie Kubota, Javier Galea, Colin Kennaugh, Steve Barden, Kara Johnstad, Jaydeen Georgeff, Jason Hensel, and many other international artists.

Mirage Productions and Aircastle Media

Presents Finding Tonio

Written by Sheila Hensel Edited by Ken Hensel

Produced and Directed by Wayne Clark

Original music by Yoshie Kubota,  Javier Galea,

Jason Hensel,  Kara Johnstad,

Jaydeen Georgeff,  Colin Kennaugh,

Steve Barden

Cinematography by Ken Hensel

 Copyright 2008 all rights reserved

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