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The Masipag Rice technology video was produced by Mirage Productions International for PhilNet RDI Inc., a Non-Profit Organization whose main office is located in Manila, Philippines.

The video was created from new and old footages. It was created to facilitate the propagation of the Masipag Rice technology in combatting poverty in rice producing areas and to avert the rising cost of production for the farmers.

The efforts of PhilNet RDI Inc. and the other organizations who spearheaded the Masipag Rice technology has been very successful and the pioneer projects has been replicated all over the Philippines and in some parts of Asia.


Non Profit Video

"Masipag Rice Technology"


Masipag Rice, A Green Method of Farming from Wayne Clark on Vimeo.

Masipag Rice technology, produced by Mirage Productions International. HD Video production showing growing rice using green methods in the Philippines. By using these methods they have been able to create greater yields instead of using chemicals and pesticides. This was produced for PhilNet, a NGO in Manila. Terry Sanchez Producer.

More information on Masipag Rice is available at: PhilNet RDI and http://www.masipag.org/cms/