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A Documentary on the Payatas Landfill and Disaster.


The film documentary, "Payatas: A Mirror of Poverty" is a video narrative of the Payatas dump site tragedy in the Philippines that occurred last July 10, 2000. We were fortunate to be producing the documentary at the time when the disaster occurred. We were able to capture all the tragic details that transpired. The film narrative showcases interviews of the families of the victims of the tragedy. It also traces the roots of the Payatas residents and relates the recurring problems of internal migration from underdeveloped rural areas into the bigger and usually overcrowded metropolis like Manila. The film tries to explain why thousands of migrants from farming and rural communities flock to Manila to provide a "better" life for their families.

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National Veterans  Summer Sports clinic for the Veterans Administration in San Diego

We produced this film for the Veterans Administration. The summer Sports Clinic is put on for disabled Veterans from around the country and is a week long event in San Diego. They participate in sports such as sailing, rowing, surfing, bicycling, and surfing. Over 600 DVDs were produced for the Veterans and their families.

Disabled veterans from around the country are given a chance to do some surfing at La Jolla beach in San Diego. Most of the footage was captured on GoPro cameras. Great surfing music by Mark Clark and the band FiBERGLASS.

Paul Anka graciously gave us permission to use this song from his "Body of Work" album for use in this video that was used during the closing ceremonies of the Disabled Veterans Sports Clinic in San Diego. The veterans participated in various sporting events.

Finding Tonio

Poster for the documentary Finding Tonio

Tonio was developing normally until he got his MMR vaccine at 22 months. Thereafter, he started getting sick, waking up at night, staring at space, laughing for no apparent reason and wandering off aimlessly. He lost his acquired social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills. On his second birthday he lost his words and drifted into his own world. On the first of April, Tonio was diagnosed with autism. Finding Tonio documents the painful and emotional struggle of trying to bring him back. Losing a child to Autism is in reality like losing a child. The film tries to show alternatives in possible preventions, cures, and at the same time bring about an awareness of what families of autistic children go through emotionally and financially.

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Clarence Jordon started a community farm in Americus Georgia where both whites and blacks lived and worked together. During the civil the civil rights movement their neighbors perceived them as communists and agitators. They were shot at and buildings were bombed. Giant is the story of one man who stood up for equality and rejection of violence. Below is the sizzle reel for Giant .







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