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We use Pay Per View (PPV) webcasting. In order to get a live or recorded video out to the internet for the masses to watch, you need to have a “Content Delivery Network”. This is what we use to get to the
Tier I internet sites. From there it is delivered to servers all over the United States and the world, so that anyone anywhere can download and watch your video. That’s one of the features that we provide.

Next you'll need a place where the subscribers can go to sign up, and eventually watch the video LIVE or ON DEMAND. Don’t worry; we will provide the gateway for you viewers to go to view or download your event.

Any type of event can be streamed live:

1. Association conventions
2. Sports tournaments (national & regional)
3. Shows
4. Corporate events and training programs

Pay Per View (PPV): With PPV, it allows your members, the viewers, to each pay a small subscriber fee to watch the event. Some events are just 1 or 2 hours long. Others may be week-long tournaments. The tourneys can be divided and sold in smaller segments. Example: a kids gymnastic meet. You can decide to segment the webcast by age groups, half or full days, or the whole week. You decide.

On Demand: After a LIVE webcast is complete, the subscribers then can logon with their eTicket Number, and watch at their leisure. Those that didn't subscribe to it LIVE can still watch it by subscribing up to 3 months after the event

Chat: A chat room is available for viewers (and you) to discuss the event during the live webcast. 

Presentation: You may choose to have add-ins such as PowerPoint Presentation slides, Video clips, Advertising, Host chats (between periods of a game), etc. 


What We Do

!. Set up Meetings with the you to determine the details and logistics of the event.

2.Supply all of the technical equipment and personnel as needed for filming, recording and webcasting.

3. Assure that there is sufficient internet capacity for uploading the webcast.

4. Develop a custom webpage for you and your event as an official website. This will be used for the
“eTicket Office” function. It is the portal where the subscribers will see the event schedule,
purchase their subscriptions, and provide the link that allows the subscribers to view the
webcast. There will be a list of subscriber options such as the activity, the scheduled time, and
all of the products described above. The customization will include those items you
desire such as the Venue's logo, advertisements, etc.

5. Archiving the event on our website for On Demand viewing for a period of 2 months.

6. One high definition video camera and one ambient microphone to videograph and record the
event. (We can connect directly into the soundboard of the event producer if allowed.)

7. Provide you with the text for Email promotions.

9. Mirage Productions is solely responsible for resolving all customer service and product issues with subscribers