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The Brown Color of Valor

The Brown Color of Valor” aims to educate the international public about the Filipino soldiers, the extent of their participation during World War ll and their continuing struggle for recognition and restitution of rights. It hopes to give a human face to a group of men who fought to preserve the ideals represented by the US Flag and prevailed but were later betrayed by an act of US Congress in 1946 with the passage of the Rescission Act.

Payatas: A Mirror of Poverty

'Payatas' tried to capture and trace the roots of urban migration in the Philippines which started during the early 70's which has become a societal malady and a nightmare for city officials to this day. The site chosen is Bgy. Payatas, Quezon City. It is one of the dumpsite in Metro Manila. It has become a symbol of the face of POVERTY and other ills of Philippine society today. The other location is Negros. It is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines and was the origin of some residents of Payatas

Finding Tonio

Tonio was developing normally until he got his MMR vaccine at 22 months. Thereafter, he started getting sick, waking up at night, staring at space, laughing for no apparent reason and wandering off aimlessly. He lost his acquired social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills. On his second birthday he lost his words and drifted into his own world. On the first of April, Tonio was diagnosed with autism. Finding Tonio documents the painful and emotional struggle of trying to bring him back. Losing a child to Autism is in reality like losing a child. The film tries to show alternatives in possible preventions, cures, and at the same time bring about an awareness of what families of autistic children go through emotionally and financially.

Masipag Rice Technology

Masipig Rice technology, is growing rice using green methods in the Philippines. By using these methods they have been able to create greater yields instead of using chemicals and pesticides.This PSA is used to help raise funds for their ongoing projects.



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